Artivism   drives Democracy   (EU-Projekt   2019/2020   DE/GR/IT)

aktueller Stand:   5. Oktober um 13:23We have submitted ARTIVISM DRIVES DEMOCRACY to EU in Brussels. Everyone is proud and happy. It has become a mature, great, financially comprehensive project. All 9 partners from Italy, Greece and Germany are actively involved and have contributed a lot of ideas. The three model areas Cavriglia, Völksen and Chalki are well suited to realize political participation in a pioneering way with the help of art and science.

If successful, we will start with the Preliminary meeting in Athens in March 2019, then with a premeeting in Völksen in June/July and in Völksen in the first two weeks of August 2019 with a big prelude of all participants. The project runs until 2021, 10 meetings are planned in total, 4 of them big artistic meetings. It will be accompanied by the kiosk of democracy as a presentation blog (Sascha Windolph/Hannover), the social debate blog (Francesco Cardi + ITT Marco Polo/Florenz) and the documentary film and script (Yiorgos Kourmouzas + Dr. Eugenia Arsenis + Vilma Kokka/Athens).

Initialisierende Sitzung im Film 

Weitere  Zukunftsideen:

DRIVE THRU Gallery Aschersleben          auch in Hannover (und dann aber   in einem oder zu einem Problemviertel; Ästhetik  als   sozialpsychologisches   Instrument?)

Leiv Donnan, „Engel“
Janos Nadasdy, Seriegrafie

Entwurf ARTstop, Christoph Rust